A Considered & Professional Approach

Ambrose and Locke were our principle decorating contractor in the restoration of Belmont House. We felt we needed a contractor who would have a considered and professional approach to the important and delicate historic fabric of the building.

Ambrose and Locke were everything we required in the high standard of work we produce. As with all projects of this importance attention to detail and historically correct materials were paramount. We found Ambrose and Locke extremely easy to deal with and professional. They were also technically excellent with a great knowledge and understanding of historic buildings, so much so that their advice to the site management team was invaluable in achieving the high standard of work required by the Landmark Trust.

They worked under high pressure with looming deadlines and over running work from other contractors but never complained and endeavoured to complete the project on time and within budget. An excellent small company who we look forward to working with again.

Stuart Leavy, Landmark Trust Craft Team Leader

They were so good, we decided to extend the job

Steve and Ian did a superb job of the decoration. Because they were so good, we decided to extend the job and have the front door and surrounding panels decorated as well. They could not have been more helpful providing us with advice on paint finishes and colours.

Sarah Merchant